Vento Supply

Vento Supply is the company that assertive and has different perceptions and goals on various branches of maritime industry, mainly ship supply, ship owner, ship management, and agency services. Vento Supply founded in the year of 2019, and according to us maritime is not just an area of trade and transportation, our motto is “Shipping is a living space, refers to the conception of life and culture”. In terms of procurement, maritime activities are never a day-to-day task with only commercial objectives, besides, an effort to create good and better for and according to human. Around 7 years ago, Vento stepped in to Maritime Industry, and adding to fields of activities, ship owner, ship management, technical and commercial consultancy, ship brokering and finally Vento continue to serve to maritime industry including of ship supply and services.


We see the Seas as living spaces, and we offer superior quality services in every branches of Ship Industry, mainly on Ship Management, Ship Supply, Agency Service. ‘Sea’ word means to us more than trade and transportation. According to Vento, Maritime activities are never a day-to-day task with only commercial objectives. The subject of all our maritime activities is human. Our Maritime activities continue in respect of; to grow in stability, while achieving this goal we respect the people, labor, the people we give service and the people we receive service. And without taking any risks, protecting the life and environment and deliver to the future generations in cleanly and optimal circumstances. In general, we aim to closely monitor the developments in science and technology, especially all new developments in maritime and ship supply, to benefit from these technologies in our business, together with the energy and dynamism of youth and experiences and to look to the future with stability and confidence. In this context, Vento will continue to give high quality services in all branches of maritime on future as on today. Company’s aim of ‘Growing stability’ will exist, but while we reach this goal, the commercial troubles will not get ahead of our mentalities and mottos, related with high quality service and environmental protection.